LHBT specifieke zorg, van levensbelang

Vers van de pers handboek

LGBTQ Inclusice Hospice en Palliative Care, auteur: Kimberly Acquaviva, Uitgeverij: Harrington Park Press, LLC. ISBN 9781939594143

Een van de eeste boeken die het belang van LHBTQ inclusieve zorg laat zien. Van dagelijke verzorging tot en met de zorg in de laatste levensfase. 

Uit de summary:


The ?rst nine chapters of LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care describe how individual health care providers can deliver high-quality palliative care and hospice care that is inclusive of LGBTQ individuals and their families. For palliative care and hospice professionals to have the best opportunity to put this knowledge into practice, however, they need to take a few steps at the institutional level to ensure that LGBTQ patients and their families feel welcome and safe coming to them for care. The care that individual health care professionals provide to patients and families is a bit like a clinic on an offshore island. The care provided on that island may be the best in the world, but if patients and families can’t reach it, those health care professionals lose out on the opportunity to serve them. This chapter explains how to assess the structural integrity of an institution’s bridge to LGBTQ patients, and how to extend and strengthen that bridge to reach, welcome, and serve LGBTQ individuals and their families.